Unlimited Space

Wildcast offers unlimited space to upload and store video.


Each podcast and episode has full analytics integrated. This allows you to see how often your episodes are being viewed.

Works with EduCat

You can add videos to Wildcast and have them appear in your course instantly!


You are in control of your own security. You decide where and when a episode should be released.

Built for NMU

Since Wildcast was built at NMU for NMU you have integration into roster lists and course offerings.

Mobile Friendly

No matter how you record your video our system can transcode it for mobile delivery. This means that your students can view the videos (and audio) on the go.

End-to-End Encryption

Wildcast will only deliver content over a secured connection ensuring that eavesdroppers will not steal your episode.

Commenting System

Allow students to have a discussion about the episode they jsut watched.

Collaborative Podcasts

You can allow your students to contribute to the podcast by giving them rights to upload.