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Wildcast first launched in 2008 with a basic set of audio features. Since then we have been working very hard to bring you new and exciting features features with a close eye on security. WildCast was designed for NMU right from the start. This means that we are able to customize the application to fit the needs of the Faculty and Students at NMU.

Recent Podcasts

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Civil and Criminal Law differences and Garrity v. New Jersey

This is a short (just shy of 30 minutes) video lecture about the differences between civil and criminal law. At the end of the video I explain how it relates to Garrity v. New Jersey (1967).

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Civil v. Criminal Law

Brief lecture about the differences between criminal and civil law as they pertain to the criminal justice system.

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CJ 322 Winter 2018 Course Introduction

Explanation of course requirements

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HL 125 Ch 2 Action at an Emergency

Listen and give feedback.