October F11 Word of the Month

"Baashki- minizigan"

Published on Oct 26, 2011 by Kenneth Pitawanakwat

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October 2011 "Word of the Month"

The leaves are changing. The seasons are changing. The Center for Native American Studies is changing.Normally, at this time of we year we change from a warm to cold mode. And like the squirrel, we stock food for the long dark and cold season ahead of us. So, the word we apply for this in Anishinaabe country, is "Baashk-i-min-si-gan." Not really exclusive to this time of year, but certainly central in our activities. That is, we put away food,as in canning or bottling fruits, veggies, and more. So what we are saying is the practice of harvesting, cutting, boiling, dicing, soaking, and sterilizing, and eventually stocking our cellar. Whew! Kenn